The Function Of Masterclass

The Function Of Masterclass: We guess you already know the function of masterclass even if it’s just by name or those simple, but visible adverts that pop up before you get to watch whatever you are searching for on YouTube. You must be familiar with the ones where an exceptionally impressive leader of their fields like Tom Morello, Samuel L Jackson, Neil Gaiman and Martin Scorsese.

However, it may be that is all you know about it. You might have even stopped short of finding out anymore because you feel it’s too good to be true. 

So if you still are interested in it and wondering how it works, we are going to discuss the function of masterclass in the following article. But before we look at what it requires, let’s just indicate what Masterclass is for those who have never heard of it.


What is Masterclass?

Masterclass  was founded and offered by a company that is based in San Francisco, it is a digital learning platform essentially directed at creative professionals. As masterclass is digital just like many other distance learning courses, you can work through it at your own speed through any device with an internet connection, you can decide to use your tablet, phone or computer. 

Each masterclass includes content joined together by the guest lecturer, including different videos. 

Things You Can Learn

You might imagine from the shortlist of popular names who are leaders in their craft that carry on teaching duties through Masterclass, there is a wide change of several subjects you can learn. The most famous and notable includes:

  • Filmmaking with Martin Scorsese
  • Directing with Ron Howard
  • Cooking with Gordon Ramsay
  • Screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin
  • Writing thrillers with James Patterson
  • Comedy with Steve Martin 

We still have a lot of them to mention few, but the above at least gives you a tip of what’s on offer.

Since you already have an idea of the type of content which is covered, let’s take a look at the meat and how it is provided. 

How Masterclass Works

Most Masterclass courses provide you with at least 25 video lessons, which each video is between 5 and 30 minutes long. The huge majority is likely to be 10 minutes in length. 

The videos are presented in different manners depending on the subject matter and the teacher. They speak directly to the camera with some, while with others, the teacher shows you how they work with their own students’ efforts. As time goes on, you will learn that some video lessons also feature extracts of the teacher’s work. 

As it was stated before, you can work through the lessons at your own speed on the device you want. Additionally to the videos, the Masterclass lessons come with approved reading lists, background material and downloadable worksheets. 

However, the workbook that  goes along with each lesson is very useful as it helps to recapitulate what is discussed in the video. You can definitely pause, rewind and reduce speed or speed up the videos as much as you need to. There are also additional reading materials in the workbook and there are enough space for you to make notes on the lessons.

Two Signing Up Options You Need

The first great thing about Masterclass is the good fact that you can either pay for just a single Masterclass or pay an annually for access to all the Masterclasses. However, the annual option is worth it because different classes can be assembled together and used to give you a more extensive and complete look at the subject from many several angles.


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