IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies in USA 2020

Good news! IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies is currently open. The Institute welcomes application submissions for the IHS Discussion Colloquia for graduate students in 2020. IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies are structured for progressive graduate scholars and faculty associates looking for in-depth discussions about specialized topics in the classical liberal tradition. Discussion Colloquia use a roundtable discussion process and occur during a weekend with about 15 peers, a common set of readings, and an expert discussion leader. Around the course of the program, partakers will have the chance to discuss passionately interesting and challenging topics with their peers, network together, share their research, and hone their classical liberal scholarship with novel ideas, viewpoints, and tools.

IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies Participants will take readers roughly two months ahead of the conference and should come comprehensively prepared to debate the material. The dialogue will be Socratic—that is, question-driven—and will include a variety of expertise levels. The program does not include any lectures, workshops, or presentations. They are contingent entirely on the quality of discussion each member brings to the table and the questions presented by the discussion leader. A full Discussion Colloquium consists of six sessions of one and a half hours each, and participants are required to attend all sessions as well as all social events (including meals).

Deadline: Applications are ongoing. For more information, contact [email protected].


Institution: IHS (Institute for Humane Studies)

Country: USA

Value of IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies

  • IHS make available accepted to participants all meals and shared housing accommodations for the period of the seminar, grounded on dual-occupancy with another partaker of the same gender.
  • Accepted partakers will be qualified for a travel stipend to cover airfare or ground transportation to and from the seminar.
  • IHS Discussion Colloquia offer special opportunities for scholars to explore classical liberal ideas at an advanced level, motivating and informing further research.

Eligibility for IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies

  • To be suitable for consideration, partakers must either be full-time PhD scholars or faculty members at a degree-granting college or university.

How to Apply for IHS Discussion Colloquia at Institute for Humane Studies

  • You can apply for this opportunity online
  • Partakers can apply to any of the programs below.

Liberty and Civil Society | Winter/Spring 2021

Throughout the history of Classical Liberalism, ideas about liberty have been bound up with understanding that most meaningful change i.e. social, economic, political, and cultural—have been the result of civil society. In this colloquium, scholars will walk through foundational texts on both liberty and civil society like Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments, Ferguson’s Essay on the History of Civil Society, and Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. Adoptions from contemporary intellectuals comprise Spencer MacCallum’s The Art of Community, Robert Putnam’s article “Bowling Alone,” and Peter Linebaugh’s The Incomplete, True, Authentic, and Wonderful History of May Day. The dialogue will be directed by Georgetown University’s John Hasnas.

Origins of Capitalism | Winter/Spring 2021

The account of capitalism is not only an important component of the Classical Liberal tradition, but it is also at the bleeding edge of a range of disciplines in academia today. To understand capitalism’s beginning, its consequences to society, and its development over time and space can not only help us understand why the world is the way it is today but it also empowers Classical Liberals to offer both sharper defenses and critiques of capitalism the way it truly exists. All through this colloquium, scholars will debate important modern scholarship on the subject from Joel Mokyr’s The Enlightened Economy and Dierdre McCloskey’s Bourgeois Dignity to Joyce Appleby’s The Relentless Revolution and Douglas Allen’s The Institutional Revolution.

Liberty and the Scuffle for the Early Chinese State | Winter/Spring 2021

Early China was one of the world’s great fonts of art, literature, economic productivity, and religion, but it was also a time and place marked by a fantastic outpouring of political thought. In this dialogue, scholars will explore many intricacies of early Chinese political philosophy through the long fight between Legalism and Confucianism. Scholars will of course come across Confucius and Legalist Han Fei Tzu, and an extensive variety of other figures like Shang Yang, Mencius, and Xun Kuang. Present writings include selections from philosopher Roderick Long’s Rituals of Freedom and historian Valerie Hansen’s The Open Empire. The dialogue will be directed by the Institute for Economic Affairs’ Stephen Davies.

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