The Difference Between Rooster and Chicken

The Difference Between Rooster and Chicken: Chickens are generally known for their fleshy combs, lobed wattles hanging below the bill, and high-arched tails. While a rooster is a male chicken and is more generally known as a cock while the hen is female. In general, while differentiating between the types of chicken, ‘if it crows, it’s a rooster; if it lays an egg, it’s a hen’ is a very helpful saying. In this article, we will show you the difference between rooster and chicken.

A rooster is also known to protect the group of chickens, especially the female ones. It is commonly known to be more active and aggressive than female chickens.

After a cockerel becomes mature at about one year old, he becomes a rooster and starts mating with the hens. Roosters then become pushy, bold and aggressive as they compete for hens to add to their flock. However, if roosters aren’t culled “separated”, they will scratch each other using their sharp hackles and sickles located on their legs and feet.


Rooster and Hen

In understanding the major difference in different types of chickens, one should be familiar with the characteristics of the male and female chicken.


Roosters frequently have different hackle or neck feathers and saddle or back feathers. In roosters, these feathers are frequently pointed, while on hens, these feathers are rounded. Rooster Tail feathers also have a curve to them. So because of their shape, they are commonly called ‘sickle feathers.’


Roosters frequently have thicker legs than hens and have pointed, sharp spurs. The rooster often uses these spurs to protect the flock and defend himself. They are also sharp, bone-like growths just above the toes on the rooster’s leg. However, old hens will sometimes have spurs, but they will not be as long or sharp as those on roosters.

Wattles and Combs

Roosters typically have tall, upright and larger combs than hens. If a rooster is young, he will have a more pronounced comb than female chicks of the same age. Roosters do likely have redder combs and wattles at an earlier age than those chicks of the same age. When they are mature, their wattles are very large when compared to hen’s.


Roosters frequently have mist plumage than hens. Their colors are usually so bright and vibrant. Many roosters have shining feathers that capture the light and show off beautiful green and blue highlights. If the bird has shining plumage, it is most likely to be a rooster.


The female chickens do not crow during the crack of dawn. It is actually not only that rooster’s crow in the dawn but also during the daytime, and it is often said that it produces such sounds for protecting their area of land.

The Difference Between Rooster and Chicken

1. A male chicken is called a rooster while a female chicken is called a hen.

2. Contrary to the female chickens, the roosters are also known for their ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ during the crack of dawn.

3. Roosters are often grown mainly for their meat and fighting. Cockfighting is very famous and it is practiced in many parts of the world. On the other hand, female chickens are reared only for the eggs.

4. Contrary to other chickens, a rooster has a thick comb which is a crest of flesh on the head. The rooster combs are more red and famous than the other chickens.

5. Roosters actually have more stamina and strength than the female chickens.

6. A rooster also has bright feather colors when compared to chickens.

7. Roosters are very famous to be sociable around humans but are known to be hostile among their own kind.


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