The Major Difference Between Panther and Jaguars

The Major Difference Between Panther and Jaguars: Panther and jaguars are both famous predatory wild cats. These cats are actually the most beautiful and powerful beasts and they are important symbols in the old Native American cultures.

However, apart from being ‘Big wild Cats’ and predatory, there are different characteristics that differentiate Panthers from Jaguars. So in this article, we will show you the major difference between Panther and Jaguars.



Panther and Jaguar

Panther and Jaguar are two different big cats as Jaguars are larger and stockier and are mainly found in the Western hemisphere. Whereas, Panthers are powerful, intelligent, and exotic animals, and are mostly found in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Panther animals are so powerful. In general, it occurs in both species the jaguar and the leopard. Panthera pardus is a group in the Felidae family.

The difference between these animals are best seen by the statue. The jaguar is constructed more firmly. They can also be easily recognized by their head. In most cases, the least demanding path is to find them in their normal environment.


This is a kind of a leopard, particularly a dark one. The Panther is also called the Black Panther and it is a huge individual from the Big Cat family. Panthers are natives to America, Asia, and Africa.

The Panther is not a unique species itself, the name is commonly used to refer to Big Cat with a dark-hued, most especially Leopards or Jaguars. Panthers are probably the most grounded climber of all things considered.

This Big Cat can range in size and weight considerably depending on species, with some males being able to reach even 550 pounds (250 kg) and tigers usually reaching between 90-306 kg.

Their habitats differ greatly too, from Asia to Africa and the Americas and from tropical regions to deserts and even polar to freezing alpine areas.


Jaguar is the only big cat in the ‘Panthera’ group that can be found living in the Americas. It is the third-largest cat (after tigers and lions) and they can also be found in the southern United States, Mexico, most of Central America, and all over the north of South America.

The jaguar is frequently confused with the leopard due to the markings on the coat. They are, however, heavier, larger, and sturdier than leopards. The rosettes on their patterning are larger, less closely packed, and typically have black dots in the centers. Jaguars live in America, while leopards can be found in Asia and Africa.

Jaguar is usually a good swimmer. It has a very powerful bite compared to the other big cats. This allows this Big Cat to kill prey by biting through their skulls. Jaguars also have short tails and legs and are quite stocky, but they are sturdy and powerful.

The Major Difference Between Panther and Jaguars

1. Panthers are grouped to Class Felidae and Genus Panthera.

2. Jaguars are grouped to class Mammalia and Family Panthera.

3. Black Panther is so powerful and one of the strongest climbers of all known felines belonging to the big cat family.

4. Panthers are lonely animals and mostly nocturnal.

5. Contrary to leopards and jaguars, Panthers don’t have any spot on their body or tail, they rather have smooth shiny skin.

6. Jaguar is actually one of the strongest species in the world and it is able to crack a skull or the shell of a turtle.

7. Panther hunt on small species of herbivores.

8. Panthers may be black in color as the jaguars may be spotted.

9. There is also a huge difference in the weight and length of panthers and jaguars.

10. Jaguars would typically weigh around 124-211 lbs. or 56-96 kilos whereas, the Panthers would weigh around 100-250 pounds.


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