10 Important Differences Between Illness And Sickness

10 Important Differences Between Illness And Sickness.

Difference Between Illness And Sickness: Illness and sickness are two very common theories in the world today due to the fact that humans fall sick or ill from time to time. The two theories in the face are very related  and almost always can be used interchangeably.

To be logical, in professional medical discourse, the word ‘illness’ is frequently used due to its seriousness. In this article, we will show you some important differences between illness and sickness and they will also be given in the following section.


10 Important Differences Between Illness and Sickness

1. Formality: After we establish the fact that illness and sickness are close in meaning, it is worth identifying that one is used in more official settings than the other. This is actually due to the fact that the word ‘sickness’ has no actual medical definition while the word ‘illness’ can be defined properly as a bad condition with a cause which brings to the point of wellness or health.

2. Common Usage: Non-literary, the word ‘sick’ can be used to mean a feeling of motion sickness commonly known as nausea or vomiting which a person experiences. However, the word ‘ill’ is also used in this manner. The word ‘sick’ can also be used to send a sense of rigorous infuriation at a person or thing. This can be seen in some statements like: “I’m sick of going to school”, or “I’m sick of him already”.

3. Public perspective: Sickness as a theory is most closely positioned to the viewpoint a society or a community have on a certain condition or characteristic. For example, left-handedness is seen as a sickness in some communities and not in others.

4. Indicative of hostility: The word ‘ill’ can in some cases have an explicit meaning of evil and brutality and can also indicate an obnoxious attitude and cruelty. Therefore, people speak of such things as ill-tempered people, ill-manners, and ill-treatment received at the hands of a person or group of persons.

5. Harm/Injury: The word ‘ill’ as opposed to ‘sick’ can also be used to make reference to physical harm or injury tolerable at the hands of a person or thing. An example of this is in the statement: “Go in my name, and he will do you no ill.”

6. General unhappiness: The word ‘sick’ can indicate a general unhappiness, penetrating pain, or misfortune that exasperate either a person, group of persons, an entire community, or nation. Examples of this usage are: “how do we solve the ills of our nation?”

7. Short term/ Long term: In some definitions, sickness is a condition that occurs for a short period of time while illness can occur for both short and long periods of time.

8. Inadequate execution: We can say a thing is ill if it is recognized not to be done according to a rational standard or is done in a bad manner. In ‘The Haunted House’ by Charles Dickens’s, the house was said to be ‘ill-planned’, ‘ill-built’ and ‘ill-fitted’.

9. Hip-hop usage: The word ‘ill’ is a modern day acknowledged hip-hop slang used to indicate awe-inspiring in a remarkably creative way. For instance, the rapper Nas named his 1994 album ‘ill-matic’, used to indicate supreme, badass ability. Sometimes also in hip-hop, the word ‘sick’ may be used. 

10. Origin: While the word illness and sickness have immense word origin, referring back to centuries upon centuries, the word ‘ill’ can be tracked down to the Old Norse words “illr” while the word sick is also traceable to the Old English word “soec”.


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