Young Global Scholar Awards at Yale University 2021/2022

Young Global Scholar Awards

Yale University is pleased to announce an educational opportunity titled Yale Young Global Scholar Awards. The study programme is a fully funded scholarship open to all students from different part of the world.

Young Global Scholar Awards at Yale University 2021/2022

The Yale Young Global Scholar Awards is an unmatched academic and leadership program at Yale University built on liberal arts principles, renowned for its diverse and inclusive community, and dedicated to expanding educational access.


Yale Young Worldwide Scholars develops the next generation of leaders by fostering intellectual curiosity, deepening understanding, and inspiring creative action across all borders through the creation of a global community and multidisciplinary activities.

Yale Young Global Scholars stress a collaborative, open, and exploratory learning environment. Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn in a variety of university settings, including major lectures, small seminars, and even casual learning in dining halls and around campus. YYGS encourages students to approach all areas of the program creatively, with the idea that they determine their own bounds, as there are no grades or course credit. At the conclusion of the session, students will get an electronic certificate of completion.

YYGS’s varied, and inclusive community enriches learning by encouraging students to consider issues from several perspective. Students can widen their world views by learning about places and cultures they have never met before by living and learning alongside peers from all around the world.

With no grades or course credit, YYGS encourages students to approach all aspects of the program creatively understanding that they set their own limits. Students receive an electronic certificate of completion at the end of the session.

The diverse and inclusive community at YYGS improves learning by inviting students to analyze issues from multiple perspectives. Living and learning alongside peers from around the world allows students to broaden their own world views by learning about countries and cultures they have never encountered before.

Exploring Yale includes participants living on campus, exploring the surrounding area, and taking advantage of the Yale community’s resources.

Scholarship Merits

Breakdown of Tuition:
1. The program tuition for one 2-week session at YYGS Online is $3,500 USD.
2. The program price for YYGS Residential students is $6,500 USD for a two-week term.
3. Each program’s tuition includes all aspects of the program.

YYGS is proud to be one of the few pre-college programs in the world that provide need-based financial aid equally to both domestic and international students, which is offered as a tuition discount (up to $6,500 USD, 100% of tuition). Students with showed financial needs are encouraged to apply for YYGS need-based financial aid.

We consider showed financial need separately from applicant eligibility. Therefore, students are encouraged to provide us with as much information as possible when applying for assistance. Please know that the information you provide will be kept confidential.

Application Fee

Early Decision $60, Regular Decision $75,

YYGS application fees are non-refundable. Students with showed financial need can submit the Fee Waiver Form (located within the financial aid section of the YYGS online application) for their school official to complete, and (if approved) the waiver will reduce their application fee to $0 USD.

Early Action applicants will receive an offer of admission OR be deferred into the Regular Decision pool for further review. Early Action applicants who are deferred into the Regular Decision pool will receive their decision of Admit, Waitlist, or Deny by March 5, 2022.

Travel costs are not included in need-based financial aid packages, except for those eligible as outlined on the Scholarships page. Every year, hundreds of YYGS students fundraise to cover their travel costs by working with partner organizations, local businesses, and more.

Young Yale African Scholars (YYAS) Alumni Scholarship

Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to selected students who completed the YYAS program in any summer prior to 2022. The scholarship covers full tuition costs and related travel expenses for students to attend any of the YYGS sessions offered in 2022.

Young Leaders Scholarship

YL Scholarships will be awarded to selected students in the U.S. and internationally who self-identify as at least ONE of the following:

1. Black or African American (including Africa and the Caribbean)

2. Hispanic and/or Latino/Latina/Latinx

3. Members of indigenous peoples, nations, and/or communities

4. Refugees

The scholarship covers full tuition costs and related travel expenses for students to attend any of the YYGS sessions offered in 2022.

Eligibility for the Young Global Scholar Awards at Yale University 2021/2022

To be able to apply to YYGS, it is mandatory that applicants meet all the following requirements

Age: Be at least 16 years old by July 19, 2022 (day one of the session III).*

  • English Requirements: Must be able to  participate in a stringent academic curriculum conducted in English.
  • Grade Level: Applicants must be a current high school sophomore or junior (or international equivalent).
  • Graduation Date: Be graduating in May/June 2023 or 2024 from the Northern Hemisphere, or in Nov./Dec. 2022 or 2023 from the Southern Hemisphere.

Who Can Participate in this Scholarship

Be a first-time applicant in YYGS. If you have taken part in any YYGS session during a previous summer (e.g., 2021, 2020), then you are not eligible to take part during YYGS 2022.

Please note: If you previously applied to YYGS but were not offered admission or could not attend AND you meet the eligibility criteria noted above, then you are encouraged to re-apply for YYGS 2022

Application Deadline: 10 January 2022

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