Sydney Scholarship Awards in Australia 2021

Start your study adventure in Australia. Sydney Scholarship Awards 2021 is currently open. Sydney Scholarship Awards 2021 is a fully funded scholarship. Sydney Scholarship Awards is offered in University of Sydney, Australia. Foreign scholars from all over the world are qualified to apply. Only undergraduate programs are available under the Sydney Scholarship Awards. If you’re looking to study in Australia, you could be awarded up to AUD$6,000 per year for undergraduate studies.

Deadline: September 30, 2020

Institution: University of Sydney


Level of Study: Undergraduate

Study in: Australia

Courses Offered: Bachelor’s degree in any subject

Program Period: Four years

Benefits of Sydney Scholarship Awards

There are two (2) types of Sydney Scholars Awards prized at $6000 per year, which are tenable for one (1) to five (5) years (as well as for joint undergraduate degrees):

  • $6000 per year for duration of undergraduate degree
  • $6000 for 1 year of undergraduate degree.

The Scholarship will be paid in 2 installments. To receive the second installment of the Scholarship, the recipient must maintain a minimum Semester Average Mark (SAM) of 75. The Scholarship cannot be extended or renewed.

Eligibility for Sydney Scholarship Awards

To qualify for Sydney Scholarship Awards, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible CountriesAll world countries
  • Be a native student (this comprises New Zealand citizens), or a foreign scholar who has recently accomplished an International Baccalaureate (or educational award equivalent to the HSC)
  • Be applying for admission through UAC
  • Have attained an ATAR of 95 or beyond (if you are applying to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music or the Sydney Dental School you must receive an ATAR of 90 or beyond)
  • Apply in the year in which you finish your secondary schooling (if you are given a Sydney Scholarship Award, you can defer it for up to two years).

How to Apply for Sydney Scholarship Awards

Please follow the following application instructions to Sydney Scholarship Awards:

  • Research: The Sydney Scholarship Awards offers opportunities for Year 12 students or equivalent, who are commencing their studies in 2020 to apply for scholarships ranging from $6,000 (for Domestic^ as well as International students completing high schools in Australia) up to $10,000 (Domestic^ students only) in value and awarded in duration from one year, up to the duration of their undergraduate degree, including combined undergraduate degrees. The Sydney Scholarship Awards will be offered to students who achieve a minimum ATAR of 95 or equivalent in conjunction with a personal statement. You must have the University of Sydney itemized as one of your preferences all through the application period, i.e. from September 2019 to January 2020. Please note that if you do not include one of our courses in your preferences, we are unable to access your ATAR, and will not be able to offer you a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants enrolled in any University of Sydney undergraduate degree.
  • Seek for advice: It is imperative that you communicate to your guardian and school about your application and seek out their advice. Inform them of your scholarships choices and check if you have satisfy the criteria. Seeking advice from your teachers and parents will also be beneficial in developing your personal statement. You have a team of people around you that know you well, so make the most of them.
  • Get involved: At The University of Sydney, they look for all-round students who demonstrate leadership skills and involvement in school, community and extracurricular activities. Keep track of your involvement and tell us what you have been up to as all activities are relevant. To complement the Sydney Scholarship Awards you may also be considered for a range of faculty specific scholarships, many of which will also consider your leadership skills and extracurricular involvements. For more information please visit here.
  • Additional considerations: If you would like to be considered on hardship grounds, or are applying for one of our equity scholarships, make sure you go online and do some research. To be considered for the award, you must submit a Sydney Scholarship Award application to the University of Sydney, and submit an Equity Scholarship application through UAC.
  • Personal Statement: It is imperative to provide a Personal Statement to back your application. Your Personal Statement is your introduction to the institution, the school’s opportunity to get to know you and a show of your objectives and achievements. It is a great idea to have your personal statement saved as a separate document that you can then copy and paste into the web form. There are six questions for the Personal Statement, please note each answer has a 1000 character limit.
  • Submit: Once you are ready, you can go ahead and submit your application. If you wish to revise your application, don’t worry, you can! Just resubmit a revised application to us. No changes or applications can be submitted after the closing date. The university will utilize your most recent application as your final submission. You will be sent a confirmation email once you have successfully submitted your application.

To know more about Sydney Scholarship Awards, please visit official website:Official Website


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