Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students in Canada 2021

Good news! Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students is presently open. Mitacs has released applications for its Elevate winter Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students in 2021.

Application Deadline: 

  • Intent to apply deadline: January 13, 2021
  • Final application deadline: February 10, 2021

Eligible Countries: All


Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students is to Be Taken at: Canada

Partakers tackle complex challenges through:

  • A special research management curriculum for postdoctoral fellows in any field
  • At least one-year research project (usually it for two years) with a partner organization in need of high-level skill
  • A Partner Organization Business Case, fashioned to outline project goals, risks, and stakeholder success standards, and guarantee project value

Partakers advance through the program in a cohort, giving them cross-disciplinary networking and peer-learning prospects they might not have otherwise in their careers.

Two years of the program is divide time amid their partner organization project and university-based research with their faculty supervisor.

Type: Fellowship

Eligibility for Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students

  • The program supervisors must have a faculty position at a Canadian university and must be qualified to administer Tri-Council funds and be in a situation that permits them to supervise graduate scholars.
  • The platform is accessible to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and foreign candidates. The partaker must be based at a university situated in Canada for the period of the fellowship.
  • Partaker must be dedicated to the two-year fellowship, as well as the training and development, when applying to Elevate. Replacement and/or substitute fellows are not permissible.
  • Individuals who have had a pause in their career due to military service, illness, or family leave may be considered as exemptions and must be certified and permitted in advance of proposal submission.
  • Successful applicants must have satisfied alldegree prerequisite (e.g., successful defense, final deposit, and signoff of dissertation) for their PhD at time of project start date.
  • All partakers who successfully get to be part of the Elevate program are accountable for ensuring that they meet the PDF eligibility standards at their host institution and that they will have a PDF status by the start date of their fellowship and for the two-year period of the program.
  • Partakers must not have been in employment for beyond six months in an R&D position outside the university after receiving of their doctoral degree; and
  • Partakers must not have gotten an offer of employment from the partner organization except an offer of this fellowship or short-term employment of up to six months while awaiting a decision on the fellowship.
    • If the application is not endorsed for an award, the applicant may not be qualified to apply again the moment he or she has accrued beyond six months of industrial or partner organization work. It is hence recommended that applicants accept a impermanent contract only if needed and that the duration of the contract be kept as brief as possible.
  • Individuals who have held a Mitacs Accelerate award as a Masters, or PhD scholar are qualified to apply. Candidates can also apply if they have been approved for no beyond 3 internship units of Accelerate funding (1 year equivalent) support at the postdoctoral level to be completed prior the start of the program. 
  • Partaking Fellows cannot apply to multiple Mitacs programs for the same period of time.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Benefits of Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students

  • $55,000 minimum yearly allowance/salary (for fellowships awarded after April 1, 2018)
  • Training curriculum worth of $7,500 per year
  • Submission assistance, including feedback of application, from Mitacs representatives
  • Certificate of completion after receiving their exit survey and concluding report submission

Duration of Program: 2 years

How to Apply for Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students

  • Find how to apply here
  • It is pertinent to follow application directives before applying.
  • Good luck as you apply for Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students

Visit the Program Webpage for Details on Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Students.


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