International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute 2021/2022

Good news! International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute is currently open.

  • Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  • 100% tuition fee
  • 28 December 2020

International scholarship at ISW institute for women are now accessible for the 2021-2022 session.

Eligibility for International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute

  • Apart from for Iran, ISW sponsorship is presented to women from any other nation.
  • The age prerequisite for degree programs depends on the University rudiments.
  • Possess an educational grade (obtained abroad or in the U.S.) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. for enrollment application on master’s program, have a degree equal to a master degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral grade program, or have a valid doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.
  • Dedicated to devote herself to the planned educational plan, if selected. A commitment letter needs to be signed by the applicant after receiving the ISW Scholarship.
  • Intend to return to her home country to take up a professional occupation.
  • Be competent in English. Evidence of her resident lingo is English (statement required in writing), that she obtained her undergraduate degree or secondary diploma that was taught in English language (transcript required), or that she has to submit a letter that gives evidence of her work as a full-time researcher enrolled in English taught program (transcript needed – English Proficiency Certificate required), IELTS, or English language proficiency evidence is compulsory.

First fondness will be given to the women that show prior commitment to the charitable or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields and also to the women through professional, community, or civic work.

Benefits of International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute

  • Health insurance in funding with Sunlife insurance company
  • Costs of Return flight: US$1600 (Once per year)
  • Undergraduate degree sponsorship: US$18,000
  • Master’s/first professional degree sponsorship: US$28,000
  • Doctoral degree sponsorship: US$26,000
  • Postdoctoral degree sponsorship: US$32,000
  • Books & Literature expense: US$1000 per year
  • Every month scheduled pay of US$1200 for an undergraduate scholar, US$1600 for Master scholar, US$1800 for Doctoral Student and flexible package for post-doctorate student

International scholarship for Girls at ISW instituteis NOT offered for the following purposes:

  • Academic Research Paper Publication costs
  • Scholarships-in-aid in a whole academic year or traveling scholarships
  • Research assistants expenditure
  • Tuition for dependent’s education
  • Acquisition of equipment in the laboratory or experimentation
  • Trip to or from a fellow’s reside nation above once a year
  • Institutional expenses (overheads)
  • Previous overheads, arrears, or repayment of loans
  • Indirect expenses of travel or conference expense
  • Institutional (overhead) expense

Application for International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute

Prior to applying for ISW funding, you need the list of following documents:

  1. Scholarship for women application form 2021 intake
  2. Conditional admission letter from the U.S. University in medical, engineering or science program
  3. Proof of applicant’s English reading, writing, and speaking ability. A letter from a prior University asserting that the previous degree was taught in the English language is acceptable. Applicants submitting IELTS with a minimum 6 bands don’t need an English proficiency letter from University.
  4. Comprehensive Resume enlisting all the extra-curricular activates and volunteer partaking by the applicant
  5. Two recommendation letters from professors of last attended an educational institute
  6. A copy of Research proposal for Doctoral degree program applicants and study plan for master degree course applicants is also mandatory
  7. letter of Motivation that shows why you desire to study in the U.S. and how ISW Scholarship can help you

How to Apply for International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute

  • Applicants should clear the eligibility test presented in the application document to be screened by the assessment team. The applicant will be qualified for the ISW grant only if all the choice in the application form test segment is in ‘Yes’.

Apply Now for International scholarship for Girls at ISW institute.


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