Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students in Canada 2021

Good news! Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students is currently open.

  • Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  • CAD 1000 benefit from Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students
  • 21 February 2021

As the study rate and living cost rises in Canada, Collegedunia has taken the initiative to ease out the monetary burden. Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Studentsis about fulfilling your dream by writing a small essay and meeting the set eligibility criteria.

Canada appears to be a one of the most preferred destinations for students to study and stay. The amount of foreign students enrolling to Canadian universities has been on a tremendous rise. The development frequency has been in twice since four consecutive years. And, India remains to play a big role in Canada’s International student growth rate. Numerous reasons such as affordability, compassionate study visa approvals, higher post-study work options, and education quality contribute to the emergence of Canada as a lucrative study destination.

On regular, the rate of study for an international student in Canada is nearly INR 15 Lakh per year. To lessen the burden, Collegedunia has planned a ‘dream’ scholarship for foreign scholars studying in Canada.

Eligibility for Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students

The Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Studentsis accessible to all international students who are planning to pursue or pursuing higher education from a reputed Canadian university.

  • Has to be 18 years and above at the moment of enrollment
  • Have to be registered in an approved undergraduate/postgraduate course in the reputed Canadian educational institute
  • Must submit a non-plagiarized, original essay comprising the following listed below:
  • Why did you select this course and university?
  • How will it benefit you in your career development?
  • What will be your subsequent course of action after conclusion of the course?
  • How does it offer you a better edge as compared to other applicants?

Benefits of Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students

A qualifying student will win a scholarship of $1000 for studying in Canada

  • Simply one winner will be picked to gain the scholarship prize
  • It will be payable straight to Institute you are admitted to
  • The sum will be given the moment the student has enrolled in a higher educational Institute and submits the evidence
  • Evidence must be submitted before or latest by February 2021
  • Only cash scholarship and no cash equivalent prize will be granted
  • Student won’t be able to assign or transfer the scholarship prize without the discretion of the sponsor
  • Funding prize will be granted full regards to official rules and post verification of the candidate.
  • Tax from the scholarship award will be removed as per Section 194B of the Income Tax Act

How to Apply for Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students

You can apply for Collegedunia Dream Scholarship in few easy steps. What you must to do is to make sure that you are qualified for the scholarship, fill the form thoroughly and write a minimum 300-word essay on “Why did you choose this university?” The entries will be accepted until February 21, 2021.

  • One applicant must submit only one form. More than one application will be considered disqualified
  • The Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Studentsapplication is in online mode only. Hence, no offline forms are available.
  • Private information such as name, contact address, education qualification, background details are a must fill
  • A brief unique essay has to be composed on the topic given by It will be the main criteria for been picked.
  • The word count must not exceed beyond 600 words and should not be below 300 words
  • Your writing must be up to the mark with correct spellings, accurate punctuation and grammar, and a good sentence formation.
  • There won’t be any chance to edit/change your answer once it is submitted.
  • Should the writing be found to be indecent, pornographic, libelous, targeting religious sentiments or otherwise objectionable will stand disqualified
  • The moment you are done with your write up, proof-read it and enter submit.

Apply Now for Collegedunia Dream Scholarship for International Students.


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