IBM Masters Fellowship Award in USA

Good news!IBM Masters Fellowship Award is currently open. The IBM Masters Fellowship Award welcomes for applications for Masters Students globally. Solid teamwork with faculty, students and universities is important to IBM. The IBM Masters Fellowship Program advances this collaboration by identifying and supporting outstanding Masters Students who want to make their mark in promising and disruptive technologies, irrespective of their field of study. Applicants may presently be enrolled in Masters Programs in the sciences, arts, nursing, business, law among a few with focus parts in the following topics of particular interest:

Hybrid Cloud
Quantum Computing / Quantum Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud / Open Source Technologies
Security / Cyber Security
Data Science

In the inaugural year of the IBM Masters Fellowship, the program seeks to increase the number of underrepresented minority students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the referenced science topics of interest by inspiring a diverse candidate pool from historically Black colleges and universities, in the United States.


IBM Global University Programs uphold research, innovation, and the building of social, scientific, and technology-based collaboration with universities. The award programs are aimed to support a range of university needs: The very competitive IBM PhD Fellowship Awards provide backing for PhD students in the concluding years of their PhD program, the IBM Masters Fellowship Awards provide funding for Masters students, while the IBM Academic Awards program provides support ranging from individual faculty to extensive areas of evolving science and technology that contain important interest to the university and IBM.

The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards are picked through a member of the faculty at the university to recognize and support outstanding PhD students. The IBM Masters Fellowship Awards are nominated through a faculty member from a historically Black college or university to recognize and support exceptional Masters Students. IBM Academic Awards are picked within by IBMers in a spirit of teamwork with faculty and ongoing and future initiatives at universities. The IBM Global University Program Awards raises access for universities to IBM technologies for research and in the classroom. The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards and the IBM Academic Awards are worldwide programs.

Deadline: Selection for the 2021 IBM Masters Fellowship Award program will be admitted until October 23, 2020

Field of Study: Technologies

Level of Study: Masters

Institution: IBM

Country: USA

Benefits of IBM Masters Fellowship Award

  • US country awards:  $10,000 in a single award year

Eligibility for IBM Masters Fellowship Award

  • Students must be selected by a member of the faculty and must be a full-time student in a Masters program.
  • Candidates should have a minimum 6 months left in their graduate program at the time of nomination.
  • Award beneficiaries will be nominated based on their overall potential for excellence, the degree to which their interests align with those of IBM, and their academic progress to-date, as proven by authorizations from their faculty advisor and head of department.
  • Scholars getting a comparable fellowship from another company or institution (does not include academic scholarships) during the same IBM funded academic time may not be qualified for an IBM Masters Fellowship.
  • The school credential email addresses must be entered in the nomination form.

How to Apply for IBM Masters Fellowship Award

All nominations for the IBM Masters Fellowship must be submitted by faculty electronically over the Web on a standardized form to facilitate an open and uniform competition.

For IBM Masters Fellowship Award awards, professors from historically Black colleges and universities in the United States, submit nominations in response to solicited, published program announcements. Eligibility requirements and purposes for every competition are included in the invitation, awards; professors submit nominations in reply to solicited, published program announcements.

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