How To Answer What Inspires You Interview Question

How to Answer “What Inspires You” Interview Question.

If you asked what inspires you, is there a possibility that you will have an answer to it? Well, in this article, I will guide you on how to answer what inspires you interview questions.

This is a wide and open-ended question, which can make it hard to know how to answer. It is also a challenge to find out the best way to respond. However, most people are inspired by many factors, including pay, status and making a difference.


You’ll need your skills and experience to impress that recruiter and the hiring manager and everyone you meet when you’re interviewing for a new job. You will also need to have the urge to put those skills to use and draw on your experiences so that your future employer benefits from them.

How to answer what inspires you question?

The main questions that interviewers do ask during a job interview is, what inspires you at work? This question is meant to help the prospective employer understand you more as a person, giving intuition on what you value and enjoy doing, how you would fit into a team-based work environment, and what troubles you.

However, answering this question with honesty also helps the interviewer connect with you on a great level by understanding more of what you care about and why you are looking to work in a certain position or with the firm.

You can click on your professional styles whether you prefer working in a team-based mood or a quiet and individual environment. Although, some type of jobs will have deadline-based work, so think about if this inspires you or if you struggle under pressure.

If you succeed well with deadlines, talk about certain examples from your past professional experiences where you set or received deadlines, and felt inspired by meeting the timeline.

Each time you are considering how to answer the question of what inspires you at work, you can also talk about the skills you have developed through professional and personal accomplishments, and how these will attach with the job for which you have applied.

When a prospective employer asks this question, he or she is not asking about your best career goals, so don’t talk about where you want to go next but focus on the inspiration that you will have while working in the job at hand.

Another thing you should avoid as a motivator is money, even if it is one of the main things that gets you to work in the morning. If you make compensation as your key focus, it is a turn-off for most employers, so it is better you talk about your fulfillment in your career and the achievements you have had in the past instead of making a point of your need to earn an income.

Sample answers for “what inspires you” question include:

  • I am inspired by deadlines and work well with a clear timeline in place. Meeting a deadline excites me and I have a feeling that I have achieved a goal and keeps me more inspired to continue to surpass expectations. 
  • My main inspiration comes from providing wonderful service to every customer with whom I come into contact. I look for the opportunity to enhance my customer service skills so that anyone I interact with will have a positive experience.
  • I also feel inspired by leading a team and helping each of the members grow. In previous employment opportunities, I have been able to increase management plans and also create goals that we could accomplish together.

When you are interviewed and feeling prepared with clear examples to use, you will maintain a positive and optimistic tone about the things that help inspire you to do well at work, it will be easier to maintain a calm attitude when answering the “what inspires yoú” questions they present to you.


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