The Important Difference Between A Hotel And A Motel

The Important Difference Between a Hotel And a Motel

The Important Difference between a hotel and a motel: A hotel is an establishment that provides meals, accommodation, and other services for travelers and tourists while motels, on the other hand, are created primarily for motorists. So in this article, we will show you the important difference between a hotel and a motel.

A motel is frequently regarded as a place for a short stay while a hotel may be tagged accommodating travelers, as well as students and businessmen, who have the intention to stay either for a shorter or longer duration. In general, booking hotels is way more expensive than getting reservations at motels.


What Is A Hotel?

The word ‘Hotel’ was derived from the French word which means to a French version of a building seeing frequent visitors, is a building to provide paid lodging for a short period of time. It also offers facilities going from basic living to luxury stay as well as may attach some extra features such as swimming pool, conference and meeting halls, business center, social function services, etc. There are numbers attached to each room in a hotel and guests find their rooms.

However, operation of hotels may be different depending on the size, function, and lodging cost. Many hotels also offer basic hospitality with full service to their lodgers. The Standard of a hotel can however be measured with the number of stars it joins such as 3 Star or 5 Star hotel. Rent for rooms are different due to the size and facilities.

What Is A Motel?

The term motel is actually a mixture of ‘Motor’ and ‘Hotel’ and is also an English word referring to a building designed for motorists and typically adds an adequate parking lot allowing motor vehicles to get parked.

Motels are generally located on highways, away from urban settings, and they are usually constructed with average material. However, the layout of Motels is mostly shaped like ‘L’, ‘I’ or ‘U’ and it also includes guest rooms. Almost every motel usually has a small reception as well as a manager’s office and a small dining area. They are usually single or maximum double story buildings, where a handful of rooms are joined.

The Important Difference Between A Hotel And A Motel

1. A hotel is usually designed for travelers as well as tourists while motels are usually designed for motorists on long trips to refresh and relax.

2. Hotel is also suitable for long stay due to the luxuries provided while a motel is fit for a short stay since it is not provided with great luxuries.

3. Generally, a hotel is found well within the city or a town, while a motel is found outside the city or the town. It is also found well along the streets too.

4. A hotel usually has its parking lot separate from the hotel area while a motel would have its parking lot in the courtyard.

5. Luxury may also be an additional feature in a hotel but a motel has no such stuff included.

6. 1 to 7 stars are the ratings of a Hotel while Motels have 1.5 to 2.5 stars depending on the facilities provided.

7. Hotels can also be built anywhere inside or outside of a city or even in the rural settings while motels are generally built and found alongside highways and in far places other than in cities.

8. Hotels may also have their own restaurants inside them to provide meals to their guests; Motels hardly include such facilities.


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