CommonWealth Scholarship Awards at University of Singapore, 2021/2022 Appy Now

CommonWealth Scholarship Awards at University of Singapore

The University of Singapore is delighted to notify the public about the Common Wealth Scholarship Awards for high performing and deserving students. The application process is open for the academic session 2021/2022. This article will bring you the necessary details needed to apply for this amazing scholarship opportunity.

Apart from the information and guidelines for application, this article will also deal extensively with every bit of information associated with the scholarship.

Brief Description about the University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a graduate school. In other words, it only offers courses at the postgraduate level of studies. As such, those seeking to study for their Bachelor’s or First degrees are not qualified to study in the school.

The categories of programs offered at the NUS postgraduate school include Doctorate programs, Master’s programs, and Graduate Diploma courses. The school offers highly interesting courses under its faculties and institutes.

Some of the faculties are Public Policy, Business, Law, Design and Environment, Computing, Engineering, and Dentistry. They also have the faculties of Public Health, Medicine, Arts and Social Sciences, Integrative Sciences and Engineering Program, among others.

The Institutes are the Institute of Data Science, System Sciences, Cancer Science, iHealthtech, Center for Quantum Technologies, NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute, and so on. If you wish to know more about this school, visit the school website or click this link

About University of Singapore Common Wealth Scholarship

CommonWealth Scholarship Awards at university of Singapore ranges from different categories as well as students of different nationalities. You can check here for more scholarship opportunities, one of the most common is the Common wealth Scholarship.

As the name implies, the scholarship is granted to students from commonwealth countries. Be informed that being from a Commonwealth nation does not automatically qualify one to apply for this scholarship program.

The scholarship is will granted specifically to exceptional graduate students from the listed countries studying for higher degrees at the school. Such students are required to be studying for their doctoral, Master’s, or graduate diplomas. And they must not be citizens of Singapore or permanent residents.

Note that Aspirants that are admitted newly into the school. Recipient of the scholarships are chosen based on the school’s approved criteria. Students meeting those criteria are then selected by the school authority.

The selection process is done by the school and the scholarship is awarded each semester. It is not a fully funded scholarship program and it does not cover students’ entire expenses. The details of the scholarship’s value will be discussed in this article

Application Procedure CommonWealth Scholarship Awards at University of Singapore, 2021/2022

There are unique steps one has to take in order to apply for the University of Singapore Commonwealth Scholarship. Luckily the application process is simple not vague.

To apply for the scholarship, you must first apply for admission into the school in any of the graduate programs offered by the school except the graduate diploma program. Therefore, the application for the scholarship is necessary tied to your application for admissions into the school.

The basic thing required of the applicant is to state in the admission application form, that they are interested in the University of Singapore Commonwealth Scholarship.

For the students admitted in August they, more often than not, get to discover the result of the scholarship application in May.

However, this is different from the timeline of applicants admitted in January. For this class of students or applicants, they are made aware of their scholarship application outcome in October. Candidates who are successful in their applications have certain obligations to meet. This will be clearly stated in the undertaking letter which would be given to each successful student to sign.

They will be required and bound by the agreement to fulfill the criteria for scholarship, Failure to do so could result in penalties or scholarship termination.

Eligible Students for the Scholarship

Each scholarship program has its unique set of requirements. For the University of Singapore Commonwealth Scholarship, the following are the requirements that every applicants have to meet in order to be eligible to apply:

  • Each applicant must be a citizen of the commonwealth country
  • Citizens or permanent residents of Singapore are automatically ineligible for this offer
  • Interested candidates must have completed a degree program. They must have graduated from an undergraduate degree program already. And their class of degrees should not be less than Second Class Honours (Upper Division). However, First Class or Distinction put one at a greater advantage. This must have been acquired in any recognized institution even outside of Singapore.
  • Candidates are only awarded the scholarship after gaining admission into the NUS
  • Finally, applicants must be considered eligible for MOE Subsidy.
  • What are the requirements for the MOE subsidy eligibility?
  1. Students with a Higher degree Qualification

Students of all nationalities who have already completed or have obtained a higher degree qualification and wish to follow it up with a second graduate program of the same or lower level will be eligible for the MOE subsidy.

This is in the case that the fees for their first degree were not subsidised by the Singapore government or sponsored by a Singapore government agency (such as scholarships offered by the Ministries, Public Service Commission, and Statutory Boards for both their local and overseas graduate programmes).

2. Transferred or Readmitted Students

Students of all nationalities who did not complete an earlier graduate programme and are now transferred or readmitted to another programme at the same level within NUS or across Autonomous Universities will be eligible for MOE subsidy.

This will depend on the duration of the second Programme subtracted from the equivalent number of the semester(s)3 of government subsidies/sponsorships received for the first one. The duration of the second Programme  is defined thus: 

  • With effect from the second  Semester, AY2008/09, duration refers to Maximum Course Duration (MCD) for Research-based programmes. 
  • With effect from the first Semester, AY2019/20, duration refers to Normal Course Duration (NCD)4 for MOE-Subsidised Graduate Coursework programmes. 

3. Conversion of the Academic Workload

According to the interim subsidy conversion policy for government-subsidised graduate coursework programmes, students who convert their academic workload (from full-time (FT) to part-time (PT) or vice versa) will be eligible for MOE subsidy in their converted programmes as follows:  

  1. (a) FT to PT: Subsidy eligibility for PT programme = Normal Candidature Duration of PT programme – (Number of subsidised semesters consumed under FT programme x 2) b) PT to FT: Subsidy eligibility for FT programme = Normal Candidature Duration of FT programme – (Number of subsidised semesters consumed under PT programme / 2), rounded up.

This is to inform you that the MOE is currently reviewing the candidature transfer policy of government-subsidized graduate coursework programmes in a broader viewpoint. Significant updates will be publicized when they are made available.

Value of CommonWealth Scholarship Awards at University of Singapore

First, the scholarship provides the recipient with monthly allowances. For Master’s students, the payment is Singaporean Dollar (S)$1,500. For Doctoral candidates, they stand to earn S$2,000 per month.

Furthermore, the scholarship covers the full tuition fees of the students . There are other perks for the doctoral candidates which are attainable upon the satisfaction of certain conditions. Click here for more details.

Lastly, the school has notified that the information you have here is all subject to changes.

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