Chinese Government Scholarship 2021

Good news! Chinese Government Scholarship is currently open.Begin your study adventure with the greatest admired and sought after Chinese Government Scholarship. The Scholarship by Chinese Government is a completely funded scholarship. Solely MSc and PhD programs are available under this scholarship at beyond 280 Chinese Universities. Chinese Government Scholarship funds living, basic health insurance, and monthly stipend up to 3500 Yuan.

It intends to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China. Foreign scholars from all world nations are qualified to apply.

Scholarship by Chinese Government requires online application submission at CSC portal. After that the applicant should apply to the selected university and send the required documents to the university along with CSC scholarship application form.

Eligibility Chinese Government Scholarship

Eligibility prerequisite for Chinese Government Scholarship are:

  • International Student (Not being a Chinese citizen)
  • Should not be in ownership of another scholarship given by the Chinese government or any of its delegations.
  • Minimum Age Requirement:
    • Undergraduate students must not be more than 25 years old,
    • MSc degree age limit is 35 years
    • Ph.D. degree, age limit is 40 years
  • Minimum qualification:
    • Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent for undergraduate students,
    • Bachelor Degree for the master’s degree
    • Masters degree for the doctoral degree.

Benefits of Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Type A Chinese Government Scholarship covers registration fees, accommodation (in a university residence in a shared room with another person), basic medical insurance and a monthly allowance for private expenditures (within 2,500 and 3,500 Yuan each month, about 350 and 500 USD respectively).
  • The B Type Scholarship by  Chinese Government funds the same as the Type A scholarship, except for the monthly allowance for personal expenses.
  • Type C Chinese Government Scholarship is another type of partial scholarship with little benefits.

The Type A scholarship is more enticing, therefore it is more competitive due to the high demand. If you can afford living expense, you should apply for Type B or Type C CSC scholarship because it will be easier to obtain.

How to Apply for Chinese Government Scholarship

The procedure will help you to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship 2021:

  1. Period of Application: The period of application for CSC Scholarship is usually from within April of yearly. Some accredited agencies or universities have different application deadline dates. Applicants have to check the closing date of universities they choose.
  2. CSC Scholarship application has to  first be completed online (in English or Chinese). Create separate CSC portal accounts if you wish to apply for more than one University.
  3. At the beginning of the online application form, you will be required to choose the type of scholarship according to its financing (A, B or C) and the number of authorized agency or university (a code that you will find on the internet or that will be provided by the university, you have selected).
  4. The instant you have concluded all the information in the online application for Chinese Government Scholarship, you have to attach the required documents in PDF format (list is given below).
  5. After submission of your online Chinese Government Scholarship application, download this application.
  6. Select the Chinese University and Course here.
  7. Check if the Chinese University of your choice requires an online application for admission along with Chinese Government Scholarship application or not.
  8. If that university requires an online application then submit this application on that university’s website and attach your Chinese Government Scholarship application.
  9. Create two sets of documents (list given below) and dispatch it to the University address.
  10. The results will be made public on the same page of the application as of mid-July. From that moment, the entities begin to distribute by post the necessary documentation to process the study visa in the country of origin of the candidates.

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