Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) in Canada 2021

Good news! Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships is currently open. After  four years of very successful Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships program (QES), the program summons for proposals through which 95 projects managed by 44 Canadian universities have been sponsored, Universities Canada is thrilled to announce a fifth call.

Application Deadline: 26th October 2020

About the Award: Thanks to the generous financial support from the International Development Research Centre, up to $3 million CAD will be allocated via the expansion of the QES Advanced Scholars program, which will fund doctoral researchers, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers from qualified West African nations and Canada.


This call will support projects contributing to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with preference given to proposals that focus on or clearly integrate SDG 5 (gender equality) as a crosscutting or mainstream goal. QES-AS West Africa assignments will center on one or numerous of the following areas: climate resilience and sustainable food systems; education and innovation systems; ethics in development research; health equity; inclusive governance; and sustainable inclusive growth.

It will require all scholars to participate in leadership development and community engagement activities and in the network of Queen Elizabeth Scholars.

Type: Research, Doctoral, Postdoc

Eligible Countries: West African countries & Canada

Eligibility for Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Eligible Proposals

  • Canadian universities which have recognized provincial degree granting powers, or their affiliates, may submit a proposal to QES-AS West Africa. Universities may come together with one or additional other Canadian university (ies) for a joint proposal. Nevertheless, each school may only be the lead applicant in one submission to the program.
  • Academic projects will focus on specialized training and/or research activities for doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers and early career researchers from Canada and West Africa and each award must include a non-academic research placement with industry/civil society.
  • Each scholar must be undertaking research in one or more of the following areas of focus:
  1. Climate resilience and sustainable food systems
  2. Education and innovation systems
  3. Ethics in development research
  4. Health equity
  5. Inclusive governance
  6. Sustainable inclusive growth
  • Eligible projects will demonstrate a partnership between a Canadian university and an institution in at least one of the eligible countries and if available at the time of application, will include information on the non-academic research placement partner(s). Non-academic research placements must be confirmed before the funded researchers travel to/from Canada.
  • The program will need all scholars to partake in leadership progress and community engagement activities and to partake in the network of Queen Elizabeth Scholars

QES-AS West Africa will prioritize the following:

  1. Women researchers – overall, 60% of the researchers should be women.
  2. Francophone researchers – applications focusing on Francophone countries will be prioritised.
  3. Institutional strengthening – proposals which make a convincing case that scholar exchanges, beyond advancing individual scholars` own careers, will deliberately be used by Canadian and West African universities to strengthen their own institutional capacity (research areas, curriculums, partnerships etc.) will be prioritised.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Each project will involve incoming West African scholars, outgoing Canadian scholars, or a mix of both.
The program is targeting an overall participation rate1 of:
• 50% West African incoming scholars
• 50% Canadian outgoing scholars

Benefits of Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Applicants may seek up to $300,000 CAD in funding. Funding is available to support doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, and early career researchers only. There is no limit to the number of incoming or outgoing scholars that can be included in a project. An activity fund of up to $2,000 per scholar, can be included in the project budget to support project administration, partner relationships,
community engagement, leadership development and networking activities.

Cost Sharing:

  • To be considered for funding, applicants must demonstrate that Canadian universities, West African institutions, and/or non-academic research placement partners will contribute to project costs. This program aims for an overall 50% contribution from universities, West African institutions, and/or non-academic research placement partners.
  • Contributions may include in-kind contributions such as administrative costs , cash contributions such as salary paid while the researcher is undertaking their QES award, tuition waivers or discounts, other discounts or waivers to academic, living or travel costs, and financial contributions from other sources including foundations, placement partners and other funding agencies.
  • A greater proportional contribution will be regarded more favorably by the selection committee.

How to Apply for Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Please consult the following documents for Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships:

It is important to go through the application guidelines and FAQ before applying for this Award.

Visit Program Webpage for Details on Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships.



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