10 Important Differences Between Lust and Love

10 Important Differences Between Lust and Love.

Differences Between Lust and Love: Lust and love are well defined emotions. Love is more deeper, complex and a healthy emotional experience than lust which goes with infatuation in most cases. Accompanied with the feeling of lust are imagination and the desire to fulfill them. Keep reading this article to know the differences between lust and love.

The object of this lust is frequently just a means to an expected pleasurable experience. Love on its own is deeply emotional which is an end in itself and finds happiness in the sharing of this experience with a person or group of persons who can also return the feeling.


Important Differences Between Lust and Love

1. Appearance directs lust:  People who encounter lust do so because the feeling has been started by the outward appearance for the other in a sexual manner. The process of loving a person takes much longer and goes far beyond appearances. So for love to occur there needs to be some connection, and the communion of personality, voice, heart, and capability.

2. Person or Pleasure: A lustful person’s head is filled with wild cravings for pleasure and the lusted-after is just a means to achieve that pleasure. On the other way round, the object and peak of love is individuality and communion.

3. Love lasts long: Lust vanishes right after the pleasure is gained and the sexual arousal is satisfied. The experience of love on the contrary is known to grow passionate with time.

4. Object or Partner: A lover is someone who loves another and in this relationship, a redoubtable partnership is likely formed and encouraged. Lusting over someone only carries such claims as embodiment for the aim of sexual satisfaction.

5. Outcome/ Repercussions: In love, there is always an urge to build, and where that love finds a partner and the communions of pain are shared, the building is unavoidable. The resulting aftermaths of acting on lust are gaining contempt and spurn.

6. Gives and Takes: ‘Dare to take!’ Nigerian popular novelist, Chimamanda Adichie said. Where love is sown, love is also reaped and where lust is sown, lust is also reaped. Lust is basically more concerned with the taking of pleasure. The catching and running away. Love is contrarily based on the giving of affection. The wetting of a flower for as long as a person psychologically can.

7. Brief thrills: It is not doubtful to say that acting on lust can produce an exciting experience. While no one can say that the experience of love does not produce exciting experiences, a main changing factor between the two notions is the nature and duration of the excitements. Lusting offers you a temporary high, loving has the ability to sustain excitement and change it into lasting joy.

8. Sacrifices: A perfect instance comes from the institution of the family. Family members often sacrifice a lot to see their loved ones prosper. A loving man or woman may sacrifice much to see their important other happy.  But in lust, all one cares about is sexual satisfaction, and the only sacrifices that is possible are those that make one attain this goal.

9. Love is Patient: Sexual urges are strong and controlling. Those controlled by lust must act immediately to gain satisfaction and relief. In love, there is a reckoning for time, and for that at least, patience yields the lover.

10. Security: Someone in love has security. They can always count on the union of passions they have and create strong fibers of trust for themselves. Relationships which are built around lust are always troubled by doubts and endless circles of insecurity and jealousy.


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