Things You Should Discuss With Human Resources Before You Accept a Job Offer

Things You Should Discuss With Human Resources Before You Accept a Job Offer

Things to Discuss: In this article, I will teach you the things you should discuss with the HR when it is time to talk with him or her. You don’t discuss anything with your HR before grabbing a job.

People are becoming picky about their career paths, and they know that they are deserving of more than the basic minimum. We have found out that people aren’t pleased to take anything that is being offered, and they know that they need to ask specific questions to ensure that they are going to be treated like an appreciated employee and not just a number. 


Here are important things you should discuss with Human Resources before you accept the new job offer.

1. Compensation Plan

In so many jobs, you’ll get a base salary and additional incentive compensation which is extra pay based on performance. If you will also receive any form of incentive compensation like commission or bonus—ask how that pay is determined whether it is based on an objective or a formula criteria.

The more you find out about incentive compensation, the easier it will be to structure your performance to extend it.

However, each of these amounts is highly negotiated by senior hires, junior employees don’t have much attachment. This means that if your prospective employer offers you less than you had expected and it won’t move off that number, ask if you can get a salary review before the standard review period.

Large firms often can’t separate from specified salary levels, but might later see an earlier review as a way to reward you without breaking rules.

2. Employee Education

You need to find out about your potential employer’s continuing education and tuition reimbursement program. After some years, you may realize that you need an additional degree or even just a few courses to position yourself best for improvement. You need to also ask questions to know how easy they will make it for you to receive it.

The most generous firms will not only pay for your education but will also give you some time to complete a degree. But, as with moving reimbursement, find out if there is a necessary payback in time with the firm if you use a corporate reimbursement program for your education.

3. Vacation Schedule

You need to know the number of days the company offers vacation each year. If you are allowed to roll over days from one calendar year to the next. Will there be compensation for the days off, or not? Although, some of the more creative firms are offering flexible vacation trade-offs. 

4. Moving Expenses

If you’re moving from a dorm room to an apartment via your parents’ minivan, you must have moving expenses, and it’s worth asking if gasoline and mileage are covered. You should ask about reimbursement for apartment-seeking expenses and day trips to a new city resulting in the subway, train, cab, meals, and tipping costs.

However, if you’re more fixed, you may also need to think about selling your home and buying a new one. Some firms will agree to compensate new hires for a loss on their home or pick up the financing fees or closing costs on a new home.

Make sure you ask about any incident tied to moving reimbursement and also find out if there’s a retake of moving expenses.

5. Profession Balance

You may not think about building a family yet it’s worthwhile to check out how your firm will treat you if you do. For instance, in the U.S., any male or female employed for at least 12 months by a business with a payroll of at least 50 people may take 12 weeks off without getting paid and not lose his or her job under the Family Medical Leave Act.

But the order of these policies differ: For instance, some firms offer more than 12 weeks. And some compensate the parent for the time they are home, while others don’t.

These policies can be a revealing measure of your potential company’s attitudes toward its employees especially its female employees.


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