How to Reject a Job Offer In A Polite Manner

How to Reject a Job Offer In A Polite Manner.

How to Reject a Job Offer: Sometimes, you should reject a job offer, but what you say or write when you reject depends on your reasons for declining it. In this article, I would teach you how to reject a job offer in a polite manner if you encounter an offer that you would never accept in a million years.

How to Reject a Job Offer In A Polite Manner

You should start by being plain and honest in your message. First appreciate the hiring manager for their time and give your reason for rejecting without being too specific. Be concise and frank in your response and, if proper, offer to stay in touch. Now let’s take a look into the clue you can use in rejecting a job offer.

1. You Have To Be Precise

Don’t procrastinate when writing a job offer decline letter. It’s always hard for recruiters to find the right employee for the job. So don’t make them believe they’ve found the perfect match when you have no purpose of following through with employment.

2. Be Appreciative

Show some appreciation and be polite when declining a job offer. Recruiters frequently vent over resumes and spend so many hours searching through social media to find the perfect employee.

Appreciate the interviewer for the opportunity and the time they spend interviewing you. You never know when you might meet again so the goal is to reject the job offer with no hard feelings.

3. Your Reason Must Be Tangible

Provide a concrete reason why you aren’t taking the position in your job offer decline letter. Don’t give any negative details on what you didn’t like about the firm or the role. You should rather focus on the positives and wish the firm success.

4. Keep It Short and Professional

Recruiters are used to decline so keep your job offer decline letter concise and to the point. Avoid explaining the ability you saw in the position. State your reason for rejecting and then say a simple thank you.

Samples On How to Reject a Job Offer

Rejecting a job offer because you have been offered a better one is generally a desirable position to be in, but it’s still vital to stay on good terms with the employer. Keep your job offer decline email or letter clear and short.

When the Salary Offered Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

In most cases, there are a lot of opportunities to negotiate a salary before you need to reject a job offer completely. But, if you’ve done your part to reach a salary agreement and the firm can’t match your expectations, you may wish to politely explain it when you reject the offer.

When The Job Doesn’t Fit

It’s not unusual to go through the interview process only to notice that the role you’ve been interviewing for is not what you had expected or doesn’t position with your career goals. So if that’s the case, keep your job offer decline message warm but direct.

When The Firm Doesn’t Fit

If it is the firm’s culture, your potential manager or anything else about the business that’s disgusting to you, don’t use negative language and instead explain that the job isn’t the right fit for you.

Rejecting on the Phone Is Also An Option

Declining a job over the phone can be stressful. Follow these guide to arrange your approach:

  • Choose the appropriate time to call, lunchtime or close to the end of the day is best, when they are suitable to be less busy.
  • Call them and start the conversation by asking if you are calling them at the proper time.
  • If the person is unavailable, drop your name and contact details and tell them you will call them back. Don’t drop a message telling them that you are rejecting their offer.
  • Appreciate them for offering you the job and then reject it using polite words.
  • Make an apology that you could not take the job and that you wanted to let them know as soon as possible.
  • Appreciate them once again for the offer and say goodbye.

It might be a bit difficult, but you’ll need to have that confidence in your tone when declining the offer on the phone. An unstable voice can make you seem unsure.

Don’t be scared to decline the job offer if it simply isn’t the proper fit. Rejecting a job offer can be hard and delicate, but when done well, it will make you move to the right job and keep your professional network complete. 


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