Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 2021/2022

Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 20212022

Acquiring a higher degree is always an investment that is worthwhile. Therefore, Harrison Middleton University is thrilled to announce its Fully Funded Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas. The educational programme is open to all students from across the globe.

Description of the Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 2021/2022

The Harrison Middleton University is a public graduate institution specializing in distance learning, was established in 1998 and offers graduate degrees in the humanities with a focus on the interplay of important ideas and thinkers throughout history, the study of ancient and modern classics, and inquiry-based discussion methods.


Students at Harrison Middleton University employ primary sources from prestigious academic publishers such as Britannica (Great Books of the Western World), Oxford University Press, Penguin Classics, and W. W. Norton & Company for creating study plans.

Overview of the Scholarship

The HMU Fellowship in Ideas is humanities writing and discussion initiative for a recent university graduate from any discipline who is interested in the humanities, interdisciplinary debate, intellectual and professional enrichment, and intellectual and professional enrichment. The Fellowship provides exposure to young scholars.

The Fellowship provides credited authorship in two university publications, as well as exposure to the history of ideas in Western culture and networking opportunities among academicians, lifelong learners, readers, and thinkers from a variety of disciplines. All activities of the HMU Fellowship in Ideas, except for conference attendance, can be carried out from any location with acceptable telephone and internet connectivity.

Roles of the Fellow’s

For the duration of the nine months, the HMU Fellow in Ideas will:

  • Take part in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty.
  • Contribute two entries to the Harrison Middleton University Blog.
  • Publish a book review in HMU: Dialogues, Harrison Middleton University’s biannual newsletter

Harrison Middleton University Scholarship Merits

Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas provides the recipient with the following benefits:

A $500 stipend.

The opportunity to take part in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty.

Online publication in the HMU Blog and HMU: Dialogues.

At the conclusion of the Fellowship term, a complimentary library of five Great Books Foundation publications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Language: English Language
  • Acceptable Countries: All nationalities are eligible
  • Admissible Criteria: To be considered for the HMU Scholarships in ideas, the candidates must meet these criteria below:
    • Have an interest in the humanities and the great ideas of Western civilization.
    • Must have received a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree (in any field).
    • Have outstanding reading, writing, and communication abilities.
    • Commit to writing two blog entries for the HMU Blog and one book review, based on a Great Books Foundation publication to be determined, for HMU: Dialogues.

Application Procedure for Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 2021/2022

Please follow the following instructions to avail of this fellowship:

  1. Complete the application form from their site
  2. Prepare the following documents: A biographical statement of only 500 words that addresses your background as a student, your interest in the humanities, and your interest in the HMU Fellowship in Ideas.
  3. An appropriately cited expository essay of only 1500 words.
  4. Plus a work cited page, applying your interest to a great idea in the humanities related to one of these concentrations: imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social science.

Submit your application and writing samples as attached Microsoft Word-compatible documents to [email protected]

Apply Here!

Application Deadline: Closing date is October 15, 2021

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