Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students 2021

Good news! Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students is currently open. Submission for Applications is ongoing for the Google Software Engineering Internship 2021 for PhD Students.

Application Deadline: 4th December 2020

About Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students: Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Studentsoffers a range of internships across EMEA in either Software Engineering or Site Reliability Engineering. The length and opening dates will differ based on project and location. Their enrollment team will decide where you fit best based on your resume.

Software Engineering Intern:
Google’s Software Engineers builds the future-generation technologies that transform how billions of users link, explore, and network with information and one another. Being a Software Engineer will require you to work on a specific project critical to Google’s needs. It is important that engineers are versatile and excited in tackle new problems to continue to push technology forward. As a vital member of a versatile team, partakers will design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions.

Site Reliability Intern: As a Site Reliability Engineering Intern, partakers will work on software development projects to keep vital, revenue-critical systems up and going. The software engineers build, fix, outspread and scale the code to keep it working and to toughen it against all the vagaries of the internet. They drive reliability and performance through a massive scale by grasping the full depth of the stack.

Partaking in the internship program needs that partaker is situated in one of the exact country locations identified for this role for the period of the internship program. The platform will discuss and agree with you what nation this will be during the course of the recruitment.


Google is and continually will be an engineering establishment. The platform employ people with a broad set of technical skills who are prepared to take on some of technology’s greatest trials and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. Google software engineers do not just transform search, they recurrently work on enormous scalability and storage solutions, large-scale applications and wholly novel platforms for developers around the globe. Starting with Google Ads then to Chrome, from Android to YouTube, from Social to Local, Google software engineers are shifting the world from one technological accomplishment to another.

Type: Internship

Eligibility for Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students

Minimum qualifications:

  • Presently admitted in a PhD degree in Computer Science or a related technical area.
  • Coding skill in one of the following programming languages: C++, Java, Python or Go.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Present to work full-time for at least of 13 weeks.
  • Going back to continue their degree after finishing the internship.
  • Verified background in computer science, with proficiencies in data structures, algorithms and software design.
  • Understanding of UNIX/Linux or Windows environments, and APIs.
  • Familiarity with TCP/IP and network programming.

Eligible Countries: The countries below

Place to Take Place: Dubai – United Arab Emirates; Nairobi, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Moscow, Russia; İstanbul, Turkey; Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000; Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Number of Awards: Numerous

Benefits of Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students

The position is paid


  • Research, comprehend and develop software applications to extend and expand on Google’s product offering.
  • Add to a broad range of projects using natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data compression, machine learning and search technologies.
  • Work together on scalability issues concerning access to data and information.

Duration of Award: 6 months

How to Apply for Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students

  • It is vital to go through all application prerequisite in the Award Webpage (see Link below) prior to applying.
  • GOODLUCK as you apply for Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students.

Visit Award Webpage for Details on Google Software Engineering Internship for PhD Students.


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