Full Ride Scholarships for International Students 2021/2022

Full Ride Scholarships for International Students

Brief Description

Full Ride Scholarships for International Students are types of grant that covers the entire cost of tuition fees, the cost of books, accommodation, school materials and monthly allowance including the study abroad expenses for the International Students. The Full Ride Scholarships are usually granted by the Institution itself, a private source or the Federal Government, these scholarships are designed for Intelligent and talented students

The main aim of these scholarship is to support those outstanding students who wish to kick-start their studies in a college abroad. Read the information properly about these Full Ride Scholarships 202/2022 , so you can avoid misinformation about getting a scholarship, or how difficult it is to obtain one.


What is the Full Ride Scholarship About?

While studying on a full ride scholarship, you will see that apart from the tuition fee grant, you can have a budget for the board, room, transportation, textbooks, and personal expenses. After completing a bachelor’s degree, the total sum of all these expenses will sum up to $ 200000.

Specifically the Full Ride Scholarship will be granted for a year. Then from the second year forward, your performance will be assessed and if you are qualified for award renewal you will be granted. Therefore, once the students are awarded and they can keep up with the academic excellence, the financial aid will last for the four consecutive years.

Full Ride Scholarship in USA for International Students

This award covers all expenses started in this article. The Full Ride scholarships are generally awarded to US students, but some universities/colleges offers full-ride scholarships for international students based on their SAT scores. So, students need not to bother about these expenses, instead they can concentrate on your studies.

Does a Full Ride Scholarship Include Housing?

Yes, the Full Ride scholarship covers the living costs as it covers every other costs like the tuition fees, board room, books.

How many students get to receive this scholarship? About 1-3% of students who registered in an institution for the full-time four years course gets a Full Ride Scholarship.

Eligible students for the Full Ride Scholarship

Candidates with a high school certificate who believes that they are talented and have outstanding features should apply for the full ride scholarship scheme. Student must have firm and unique examples of their community participation, leadership skills, and outstanding character and should be the best or at least should be in the top 10% of students in the class. As these scholarship applications need you to write some personal statements or motivation letters, make sure that you are a strong writer too.

Types of Full Ride Scholarships

Merit-based full ride scholarship: This is one of the most popular type of full-ride scholarship and is reserved for students showing great academic performance. GPA, ACT scores, SAT scores or their combination is considered for determining this merit-based scholarship.

The government sponsored full ride scholarship: The government offers this award to the students at the military academy or ROTC who meets the standards to become eligible for the Full Ride scholarship.

Athlete based full ride scholarship: Students with strong athlete skills can get full-ride scholarships and this is offered only for gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, football, and men’s and women’s basketball.

Method of Application for the Full Ride Scholarships for International Students 2021/2022

  • Students are advised to prepare ahead of time and know the list of universities that offers Full Ride Scholarships and apply to them all.
  • They must exhibit educational excellence.
  • Then ensure that their scholarship application documents are complete and in order.
  • Develop your contact with Instructors and Mentors to obtain their recommendations
  • Spend time in community service
  • Build up leadership skills.

Full Ride Scholarships for International Students

1.Boston University Trustee Scholarship

Boston University accepts about 20 talented students to take part in the Trustee Scholars program available annually. Most of their current students had a perfect 4.0 grade point averages in high school and they were among the best in their class.

In accordance to unique academic credentials, Trustee Scholars are intellectually and creatively adventurous and demonstrate viewpoints, experiences, or achievements beyond the normal.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants with excellent academic credentials are eligible, most students who got this award have a perfect 4.0 GPA in high school.

Application Deadline: Early December

For more details, visit: www.bu/admissions/tuition-aid/scholarships-financial-aid/first-year-merit/trustee

2. Texas Christian University: Chancellor’s Scholars Program

This is an amazing educational opportunity, aside from getting a full-tuition scholarship, Chancellor’s Scholars are invited to special retreats, luncheons and dinners, social activities, and more. There are no minimum requirements, but students who earn this scholarship generally have SAT and ACT scores of 2150 and 33, respectively.

Apply Here!

Application Deadline: Early December

3. Wake Forest: Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship

Wake Forest offers awards yearly on the basis of academic excellence to less than 3% to its first-year applicants. The successful students will gain significantly from a Wake Forest education even as they contribute greatly to the intellectual and civic life of the campus.

The Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship covers tuition and room and board, as well as offering $3,400 annually for personal expenses. This award is offered to students that take the most challenging courses available and have among the best GPA and/or test scores in the nation. Each year, up to five students are awarded.

For more details, visit:

Application Deadline: Mid-November

4. Washington University in St. Louis: John B. Ervin Scholars Program

The John B. Ervin Scholars Program was established on four grounds which are academic excellence, leadership, community service, and diversity. Every of our students are required to exemplify these ideals to be competitive for this program.

The winning scholars of this program may receive full-tuition scholarships with a $2,500 stipend or partial-tuition scholarships. This scholarship covers full tuition and also provide a $2,500 allowance and it is renewable per year.

For more details: Visit:

Application Deadline: Early January.

5. Vanderbilt University: Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship

The Scholarship was named after the founder of the school, Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship provides full tuition and also a one-summer allowance for immersion, such as studying abroad. This grant is awarded to students who demonstrate a combination of academic and leadership achievements.

Vanderbilt University uses an entire admissions process, they do not accept cutoffs for standardized testing or grade point averages. Instead they look for students who have exhibited firm academic skills and intellectual curiosity, and who have engaged in activities outside the classroom that have nurtured their growth as leaders.

Apply Here!

Application Deadline: Early December

6. Loyola Marymount University: Trustee Scholarship

Loyola Marymount University is pleased to announce a broad range of academic scholarship programs to acknowledge and reward the academic accomplishments of our most distinguished entering freshmen.

There is no need for separate application for these scholarships, it is available to all new students. The scholarships will be given to ten students for their four years of study. The award is a full tuition fee , room and board and it will be granted on the basis of academic merit.

For more details visit:

Application Deadline: Early January

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