Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Foundation Scholarship Awards

Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Foundation Scholarship

Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Foundation Scholarship Awards is designed to provide an annual scholarship for an academic session. Luckily this study award seeks to support incoming students entering a college especially those applicants who lives or graduated from Nebraska.

The Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Foundation is a charitable organisation established in 1964 in Omaha, Nebraska, by investor and industrialist Warren Buffett as a wheel to manage his charitable giving.

In Honour of his late wife, Susan Buffett who died in 2004, the foundation. was renamed Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. The Susan T. Buffett Foundation has offered scholarships to college students in Nebraska for over 50 years.


The Scholarships process are highly competitive and are awarded on merit based on first-time freshmen entering college and must be a resident of Nebraska, graduate from a Nebraska high school (or GED) with intends to attend a Nebraska Public College and have exhibit financial needs.

Overview of the Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Foundation Scholarship Awards

The Scholarship programme is now called Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarships. You must have come across the name Warren Buffett of course one of the world’s richest men, He is the provider of this scholarship. Apart from being one of the best financial minds in the world, Mr. Buffett also set his sights on several philanthropic initiatives.

Late Mrs Buffett played a significant large role in ensuring that their fortune was used to help some of the country’s young scholars get the education that they deserve, without the added worry of having to make ends meet.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation scholarships are worth up to $3,200 per semester, in addition to a $400 book allowance. These awards are accessible to both high high school and undergraduate students in Nebraska.


  • To be considered, you must be a Resident of Nebraska and you must meet the in-state residency requirements of the college you plan to attend
  • DACA, undocumented, or DACA eligible students are still eligible to apply
  • Must be a Graduate from a Nebraska high school or earn a Nebraska GED
  • Achieve at least a 2.0 cumulative unweighted GPA in high school
    • 2.0 on a 4.0 Scale
    • 77 on a 100 point scale.
  • A first time fresher enrolling into a college
  • Applicants obtaining dual enrollment credits in high school are still eligible to apply
  • Then plane to attend a Nebraska Public College.
  • NE Community Colleges – CCC, LPTC, MCC, MPCC, NECC, NICC, SCC, or WNCC;
  • NE State College System – Chadron State, Peru State, Wayne State; or
  • University of NE System – NCTA, UNK, UNL, UNMC, or UNO
  • Demonstrate a  financial assistance to attend college

Note: You do not need a Pell Grant to be qualify for the award.

  • Students must have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) below $10,000

Selection Process

All eligible applications will be reviewed and evaluated, the selection will be based on:

  • Financial Need
  • Academic Merit
  • Personal Essay
  • Recommendation


The 2021 applications are closed now. However, the 2022 application will open on November 1, 2021. The requirements for the online application are stated below:

  • Application forms
  • One recommendation
  • Student Aid Report
  • High school transcript
  • Consent form

Essay Requirement: a 500 to 1000 word essay that addresses specific prompts. These will be posted on the website on Nov. 1st.

Application Deadline:1 February at 5PM CST/4 pm MST.


SAR( Student Aid Report) is an electronic or paper document that summarizes the information you reported on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. It Includes the students Expected Family Contribution, estimated eligibility for Federal student loans and Federal Pell Grants, and whether you’ve been selected for verification.

To be qualified for the Susan T. Buffett scholarship you are required to:

  • Complete the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Receive your 2021-2022 Student Aid Report (SAR); and
  • Upload your 2021-2022 SAR to your scholarship application.

After you complete the FAFSA, you will receive your SAR that you must upload to the application before the deadline date and time.

The 2021-2022 FAFSA will be available on October 1st. It is best to complete the FAFSA early so you have enough time to get your SAR and upload it to your scholarship application before the due date.

For more details about the FAFSA, check the To help put you on track, below are the necessary steps to be followed:

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA

  • Get an FSA ID:

To be able to complete the FAFSA online, you will need an ID, so get FSA ID. If you are a dependent student, both you and your parent/guardian will need an FSA ID. Visit the

  • Fill out the FAFSA:

The FAFSA available at and on the MyStudentAid Mobile App.

  • For the 2021-2022 FAFSA, you and/or your parent/guardian must use 2019 taxes. The FAFSA usually processes in 3 to 5 days but may take longer at peak times.

To check the status of your FAFSA, return to the FAFSA website and log in as a returning user.

Step 2: Receive the SAR

  • Student will receive your SAR once the government processes your FAFSA, which typically takes 3 to 5 business days. Processing may take longer at busy times. 
  • Then if you completed the FAFSA online, you will receive an email letting you know that your SAR is available. Check the, log in as a returning user, and select “View Your Student Aid Report.” Then save the SAR as a PDF.
  •  If you completed a PDF or paper FAFSA, you will receive a paper copy of your SAR in the mail. This process will take longer so plan for more time needed. You must scan the paper SAR and save it as a PDF.

Check your SAR to make sure it contains the following:

  • 5 pages
  • The Year 2021/2022 ( Only the 2021/2022 SAR will be accepted)
  • an actual number of 0 or more next to EFC (Expected Family Contribution) 

Note that: If the Expected Family Income is blank or contains only a to c the SAR is Invalid and will not be accepted until its corrected. You can contact your high school counsellor for assistance.

Step 3: Upload the SAR

Students are required login to your scholarship application, go to the Student Aid Report page and upload the PDF of your SAR. You need to upload your SAR and complete the entire scholarship application by the deadline date stated above.

Change in Financial Position

If your family’s financial position changed significantly this year, compared to what is reflected on your federal income tax return, you will need to:

Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA

  • Please Contact the financial aid office of the college you plan to attend and ask to file a special circumstance appeal
  • Let them know you are filing an appeal via the email [email protected]
  • Upload a valid SAR to your scholarship application by the 2/1 deadline (even if you are still waiting on your appeal).

Take Note: Students that cannot complete the FAFSA due to your citizenship status, please contact us at : scholarshi[email protected]

Online Request Form

The successful scholars on scholarships are required to complete a request form to Study Abroad, place the scholarship On Hold, enroll in Less than 9 Hours, attend a Secondary College, and/or Transfer to a different college.

The Request Form can be completed and submitted online. Click this link for the Request form page. Once you complete each section and hit Submit, the form will be sent to the Foundation and you will receive a response within 5 business days.

  • Study Abroad Request
  • On Hold Request             
  • Less than 9 Hours Request
  • Funds for a Secondary College Request
  • Transfer Request

For More details, Visit the Official Website

The William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community (TSLC)

The Susan T. Buffett Foundation created the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community (TSLC) at the University of Nebraska System in 2008.

The Learning Community was named in honor of William H. Thompson, the father of Susan T. Buffett, who served as Professor of Psychology and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Omaha University, now known as the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO).

Students who receive the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship and attend UNK, UNL, or UNO will automatically participate in TSLC. No additional paperwork is required when completing the scholarship application.

Designed to help students get the most from their university experience, the Thompson Scholars Learning Community offers students a variety of academic and social support.

Some of the Learning Community Benefits are:

  • Positive interaction with other Thompson Scholars
  • Ongoing counseling and advisement
  • Faculty interaction, support, and tutoring
  • Additional student, faculty, and university activities

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