ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK 2020

Good news! ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK is currently open. Supportive academic and research mobility is vital for the long-term strength of universities. ACU is excited to declare that ACU member, Coventry University, UK, will host two Fellowships in 2020. ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK support collaboration at a distance by forging new research partnerships between Coventry University in the UK and ACU member universities in other countries.ACU Digital Now is their obligation to ensuring that their vibrant global link continues to succeed not just in the short-term, while COVID-19 restricts worldwide mobility and ways of working, but longer term as well. As part of the ACU Digital Now plan, this year’s ACU Fellowships will exclusively fund virtual collaborations.

ACU’s acknowledged Fellowships program as a part of the program, where two Coventry University Fellowships are available to academic staff to support research mobility between Coventry University and ACU member institutions in Africa and India.

Researchers can apply for a funding to finance virtual research teamwork at one of the following Coventry University research centers:

  • Centre for Agroecology and Water Resilience
  • Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations
  • Institute for Future Transport and Cities

Application Deadline: 5th November at 23:59 UTC.

Type: Fellowship

Eligible Countries: India & African countries

Number of Awards: 2

Benefits of ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK

Every Fellow will be given a maximum grant of GBP 5000.

Eligibility for ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK

Academic staffs of ACU member universities in Africa and India are eligible. Successful candidates will be expected to submit two reports: one at the end of their fellowship and one a year after. Furthermore to reporting on the outcomes of the fellowship itself, they will report on the trials and opportunities of online collaborations and any lessons achieved. This reporting will be shared with other ACU member institutions.

Duration of Award: One-time award

How to Apply for ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK

Candidates should first identify and contact a prospective collaborator at Coventry University to get their consent to the collaboration before submitting the online application form. Candidates are encouraged to com communicate with prospective collaborators directly. If help is needed in identifying a suitable collaborator for the fellowship, candidates can forward a brief summary of their research to the following contacts:

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As part of the application form, applicants must:

  • The work they plan to perform during the fellowship should be summarized, and how the collaboration will be of advantage the project
  • The likely impact of the fellowship work should be described
  • Elucidate how they expect the fellowship to be of advantage their own professional growth
  • List the planned outputs of the fellowship
  • Provide a time plan of the work and submit to us (to cover at minimum February to July 2021)
  • List the costs associated with the fellowship. The costs can comprise staff time, consumables, access to internet and data, equipment, research data management, impact and engagement and open access. Beware that no travel will be financed as the fellowships are proposed for virtual collaboration only.
  • Write a letter or email of support from their head of department at their home institution and submit
  • Write a letter or email of support from the collaborator at Coventry University and submit
  • It is vital to go through all application requests in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.
  • GOODLUCK as you apply for ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK

For further detailsVisit Award Webpage for Details on ACU Coventry University Fellowships in UK.