15 Best Study Abroad Programs In Finland 2019 for Student Worldwide

Heaps of global students study in Finland every year, for the most part from China, Russia, and Germany. 

In this article, arrangements of best investigation abroad projects in Finland for worldwide students have been given. 

15 Best Study Abroad Programs In Finland For Global Student 


1. AFS Intercultural Program 

AFS (in the past the American Field Service) is an innovator in intercultural learning and offers global trade programs in excess of 40 nations around the globe. 

AFS offers year, semester, and summer projects to goals all through Finland. AFS is at present offering many grants for students adaptable with their nation decision and prepared for an experience. 

2. Bachelor Of Fine Arts At Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy Of Fine Arts

Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts is a worldwide foundation concentrating on the expressive arts, just one of its sort in Finland. 

It offers five star guidance in Moving Image, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Site and Situation-Specific Art and Sculpture, and is a pioneer in aesthetic research. 

The Academy of Fine Arts has prepared craftsmen since the year 1848. Necessary to the investigations are the students close to home yearnings, the connections created among instructors and students, and individual direction. 

The Academy of Fine Arts doesn’t have separate necessities for global candidates; all candidates pursue similar rules. 

3. University of Lapland: Arctic Studies Program

The ASP is intended for Finnish and worldwide degree and students from abroad. The courses are instructed in English. 

ASP studies are fundamental level investigations and are instructed during the harvest time semester. The investigations can be finished by taking either individual courses or the whole 30 ECTS module. 

The Arctic Studies Program doesn’t grant a degree. On the off chance that they complete the module effectively completely, students can consider it a minor toward their degree. 

4. Study Abroad at the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki participates in a few trade projects like Erasmus, Nordplus, AEN, MAUI, ISEP, EuroScholars and North2North. 

Every year they welcome around 1000 students from abroad from accomplice colleges! It is likewise conceivable to apply as a meeting understudy if your home college doesn’t have a legitimate concurrence with UH. 

5. Aalto University: Bachelor’s Program in International Business

The BScBA Program at Aalto University Mikkeli Campus offers magnificent training from the main business college in Finland. 

The program surrenders a to-date instruction that joins broad hypothetical investigations with genuine business beneficial experience. 

The program additionally gives a firm establishment to cutting edge scholarly investigations in Master’s projects in Finland and abroad. 

6. NRCSA Language Home Study Program in Finland 

Come study abroad with the NRCSA’s language home investigation program in Helsinki, Finland. Students can select to take either private or semi-private mentoring from educators at their cabin. 

Each instructor is a well-prepared proficient with numerous long stretches of involvement in showing unknown dialects. Lodging are in the homes of nearby local speakers, and just the objective language is spoken during the aggregate of the program. 

This augments one’s presentation to it. The facilities are ordinarily on the edges of vigorously touristic regions, making the objective language considerably increasingly basic still. 

7. DIS Copenhagen – Furniture Design 

Scandinavian furniture has a profound history of thinking about individuals, culture, and society in the plan procedure. 

This course investigates these connections and builds up your individual structure capacities through studio assignments, addresses, Field Studies, and use of your model in the studio. 

Scandinavian furniture configuration has a profound history of thinking about individuals, culture, material, and society in structure improvement. 

The course offers you the chance to investigate this specific relationship and to develop your individual structure capacities through studio assignments, addresses, Field Studies, and workshop movement delivering your very own furniture model. 

This course is instructed vertically, and desires identify with you as an individual understudy. 

8. Youth For Understanding 

A Youth for Understanding USA (YFU) study abroad program is an encounter that will drench you in the lives, societies, and networks of a genuine family in one of in excess of 40 nations around the world. 

YFU trade program is the learning experience of a lifetime. YFU is a homestay experience where you live with a deliberately chosen receiving family, make new companions and even go to another school on scholarly projects. 

9. Double Masters In Information Security

ITMO University accomplices with Aalto University to offer this two-year program, which trains you to turn into an exceptionally skillful expert in data security. 

The Double Degree Master’s in Computer System Information Security gives you a magnificent chance to gain from driving experts from ITMO University and Aalto University. 

They are prepared to share their involvement in the circle of data security. 

You’ll go through one year at every establishment, enabling you to encounter college life in Russia and Finland. Upon effective fruition, you’ll get a recognition from the two colleges. 

You would then be able to continue to the expert field and take on a scope of positions: data security evaluator, data security master, or representative chief for data security. 

10. Global Competence Certificate (GCC) 

Join the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) program, which supports intercultural learning through a scope of exercises – including concentrating internet learning modules and taking an interest in face to face sessions. 

The GCC is a best in class program intended to enable you to investigate and drench in new social situations, even after your stay in Finland. You’ll create useful and worldwide information, abilities, and frames of mind that future businesses require and that social associations accept will help accomplish their objectives. 

11. Study Abroad at the University of Helsinki in Finland

The University of Helsinki is eager to offer understudy trade open doors for students from taking an interest in college or with a college assignment. 

When you are there, you will contemplate and live nearby Finnish students inside and outside of the homeroom. You will inundate profoundly into the Finnish way of life just as construct a network in Helsinki! 

They offer open doors for the fall and spring semesters, just as entire year trades. 

12. Summer Language Camps in Finland

Kielo International School camps are accessible for students with no English experience, just as cutting edge speakers getting ready for college. 

You won’t just take the English classes, however you will likewise partake in every day exercises and journeys, particularly voyage outings to Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia). You will improve your English, introduction, correspondence and “endurance” abilities. 

13. Architecture and Design Programs

Finland is the home of such celebrated designers as Alvar Aalto, Reima Pietila, and Lars Sonck. Architectural programs in Finland will concentrate a lot on plan, which is one of the nation’s specialties. As a major aspect of one of these projects you’ll most likely find: 

Kenkävero, Finland’s biggest wooden vicarage which was fabricated over 500 years prior; 

The neoclassical engineering of capital city Helsinki’s Senate Square flaunts the Helsinki Cathedral and Government Palace, both worked via Carl Ludvig Engel during the 1800s; 

The superbness of the Olavinlinna and Snow Castles. 

Configuration is a significant segment of engineering, and Finland is known for its greatness in structure, regardless of whether design, style, material or something else. 

In the event that plan is your thing, you won’t have any desire to leave behind a visit to the displays, studios, shops, and exhibition halls of Design District Helsinki. It even has the word ‘structure’ in the name! 

14. Environmental and Biological Programs

Environmental students, just as any individual who intends to appreciate the shocking regular excellence of Finland, must grasp the nation’s ‘Each man’s Rights.’ 

This social standard express that while you are allowed to meander the wide open and waters freely, if you cause no unsettling influence to man or nature. 

Ecological examination abroad projects in Finland open students to this copious characteristic magnificence, including the nation’s numerous lakes, backwoods and lush slopes. 

Finland has in excess of 30 national parks, including the terrific Koli National Park. Students can watch various plant and creature species, uncommon geographical highlights, quartzite bluffs, and flawless Lake Pielinen. 

15. Technology Programs

Finland study abroad projects in technology will uncover that the nation is out of this world inventive and progressed. Helsinki, specifically, is universally known for logical and cutting edge greatness: 

You can express gratitude toward Helsinki for the pervasive Nokia ringtone you hear all over, as the powerhouse PDA producer is headquartered in the Espoo segment of the city; 

Surely understood Video/CD-ROM craftsman Marita Liulia got her beginning there; 

Helsinki includes various well-respected polytechnic schools where students can contemplate in regions including broadcast communications, portable innovation, and biotechnology. 

These are the 15 Best Study Abroad Programs in Finland for Global Student. Try not to botch the opportunity to contemplate there.