Terms of Reference for Independent RRM Evaluation Consultancy at Action Against Hunger

Project and Study Summary Table
Reference of the Assessment


Project Name SIDA grant: Provision of emergency rapid WASH and NFI assistance to the most affected population in Yobe and Borno state
GFFO grant: Provision of Emergency WASH and NFI Services (Rapid Response Mechanism)


Location (country region/s)

Borno and Yobe States, Nigeria

Sector WASH
Implementing Partners
(if applicable)


1. Project Background
1.1. Rationale for the Project
Action Against Hunger is a key member of the core Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM)
Technical Working Group in North East Nigeria, along with DRC and NRC that works in partnership with Federal, State and LGA level Government Officials, as well as, relevant Sector- working group to coordinate responses.
In 2019, the Action Against Hunger Rapid Response Team was the first partner to provide critical emergency services for several crises – the influx of IDPs in Monguno IDP in January, the fire outbreaks in Gajigana in April, and the influx of returnees in Rann May. Action Against Hunger also engaged in three joint need assessments together with other RRM partners in Gajigana,
Maiduguri and Borno State following the floods in 2019 to inform subsequent responses. Action Against Hunger is able to quickly operationalize a high quality RRM response and adequately monitor provided services with the presence of a fully RRM dedicated team that includes an Emergency Coordinator, an RRM Wash team, a Logistics Manager and M&E manager. With three years of experience in launching RRM responses in Borno and Yobe state, Action Against Hunger has developed relationships with communities and Government stakeholder's and has established acceptance and a wide awareness of the humanitarian services we deliver to conflict
affected populations. As a result, in 2019 the RRM team’s surveillance of emergencies received first- hand information about new crisis from members of the communities that had previously received support.
Action Against Hunger would like to reflect on these past three years of implementing RRM in Northeast Nigeria, through an external independent study.
1.2 Geographical scope covered by the analysis

The geographical scope of the evaluation will cover Borno and Yobe States, Nigeria (subject to
change depending on security concerns).
2.1. Objectives of the Evaluation

  • The overarching purpose of the evaluation is to assess the overall performance of the project in line with North East RRM strategy and to determine if it has achieved its intended outputs and outcomes. Likewise, the study should clearly explain why (or why not) these outputs and outcomes were achieved through an integrated analysis of the entire result chain (inputs, activities, outputs outcomes and likelihood of impact) and other contextual factors. The study will use OECD DAC criteria (effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability and impact) in addition the consultant will look at design, coverage and coherence. The consultant will draw
  • the extract the best practices, lesson learned, what worked and what did not and recommendations to enhance the quality of AAH future programming for emergency response.

3. Profile of the Evaluator
The study will be carried out by an international or national consultant with the following profile:

  • Experience in WASH and NFI sector with particular experience in rapid emergency response
  • Significant field experience in the evaluation of humanitarian / emergency projects;
  • Relevant degree / equivalent experience related to the study to be undertaken;
  • Significant experience in coordination, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs;
  • Good communications skills and experience of workshop facilitation;
  • Ability to write clear and useful reports (may be required to produce examples of previous work);
  • Fluent in English;
  • Understanding of donor requirements;
  • Ability to manage the available time and resources and to work to tight deadlines;
  • Independence from the parties involved.
  • Familiarity with the context of the humanitarian situation in Northeast Nigeria will be an added advantage.

Method of Application

All interested consultants should send expression of interest electronically before 24 th September 2020 with subject “PD-ABU-01114-001_EoI for Independent RRM
Evaluation Consultancy” to: [email protected] in order to receive the full ToR. Proposal without request of the full ToR will not be accepted.


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